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Our Commitment to
Person-Centered Excellence

At Envoi Associates, our team comprises highly skilled professionals and clinicians who are deeply committed to embracing a person-centered and comprehensive approach to supporting and serving individuals. With over 50 years of combined experience in the field of human services, we take great pride in extending our services across both Tennessee and Colorado. Our ultimate mission is to provide services of exceptional quality, empowering individuals to achieve remarkable person-centered outcomes and lead the fulfilling lives they aspire to.


Envoi Associates envisions a world where every individual we serve experiences the highest quality of person-centered care, enabling them to live the lives they envision with dignity and fulfillment.



Our mission is to passionately provide person-centered, individualized services to individuals of all ages and levels of ability, empowering them to lead meaningful lives while upholding their rights, safety, and dignity.

Our Values

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