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Welcome to the pivotal third phase of your remarkable foster parent journey – the Home Study phase! This is where your dream of providing a safe and loving home for a child in need truly begins to take shape. It's an opportunity to open your doors and your hearts wide, showcasing your dedication to creating a nurturing environment.

Remember, the home study phase is not just about passing inspections or meeting requirements; it's about preparing your heart and home to become a safe harbor for a child who needs love and stability. This is where your commitment becomes a physical reality, where dreams become tangible.

Embrace this phase with anticipation and pride. Let the love you have for fostering shine through your home, as it transforms into a sanctuary for a child who needs you. The home study phase is the foundation of your foster parenting journey – a journey that will shape lives and inspire hope for a brighter future.

Welcome to the third phase of your foster parent application process. You are now closer than ever to making a profound difference in a child's life.

Home Study

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Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE)

On behalf of Envoi Associates, thank you for your interest in starting the home study process. Your home study practitioner will help guide and support you through the process. Our organization conducts a Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) home study. SAFE is a structured, evidence-based methodology used to get to know you and your family. The home study process is very personal and will require you to share information about yourself/yourselves. The more we learn about you, your family history, your relationships, and your current circumstances; the better we can prepare and support you, your family, and any children/youth we place in your home.

​You will be required to complete two questionnaires that provide information about your childhood, adolescent, and adulthood experiences. You will have an opportunity to discuss your responses and life experiences with your home study practitioner. We will also be speaking with everyone living in the home and possibly to those who are frequent visitors. Couples will be interviewed separately and together. Additional information will be gathered from references, adult children (if applicable), financial and medical reports, and background checks.

​We do not expect or want you to be perfect. Perfect people do not exist. People who have experienced challenges often develop strengths and understanding that will assist them in supporting children/youth who have also experienced challenges and trauma. 

​Your open and honest participation in the home study process is essential for you, your family, our agency, and any child/youth placed in your home to have a positive experience. Any information you provide to us, whether verbally or in writing (including any documents obtained such as legal records, financial and medical reports, and interviews with any family members, friends, and references), will be confidential. Feel free to ask us any specific questions about how we collect and store your information.

​You will be asked to read and sign your completed SAFE Home Study Report at the end of this process. The information gathered from record checks, references, questionnaires, and meetings will be compiled into the final home study report. We will discuss with you how this home study report will be used, and if needed, how it will be updated in the future.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to your home study practitioner. Thank you again, and we look forward to working with you.

As you progress through your training and documentation needs, your Envoi Associate will alert you as to when to begin preparing for the Home Study process. 

Home Inspection Checklist: This checklist is designed to help you prepare for the on-site inspection that your Outreach & Licensing Specialist will conduct during the Home Study process.

SAFE Home Study Questionnaire I: Complete this questionnaire individually. This step is necessary before initiating the Home Study process.

SAFE Compatibility Inventory: Applicants will receive this form from your Outreach and Licensing Specialist. You should complete a single copy of this inventory, whether applying as a single individual or a couple. It's required before finalizing the Home Study process.

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Foster Parent

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