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Your Journey: The Home Stretch

As you approach the final leg of your journey to becoming a foster parent with Envoi Associates, it's time to put the finishing touches on your preparations. Completing the last pieces of paperwork and appointments will ensure that you're fully equipped and ready to embark on this meaningful adventure of foster parenting. Here's what awaits you as you gear up for the home stretch:

The Home Stretch Checklist

Pledge to Parenting and Code of Conduct: Commit to our values and code of conduct with the TN DCS Resource Parent Oath to Abide (CS-0670), the Discipline Policy (CS-0553), and the Envoi Code of Conduct. These forms will be sent to you for e-signature when you begin this checklist.

Personal Documents Parade: Get ready to gather social security cards (1), birth certificates (2), car and home insurance policies (3 & 4), pet vaccinations (5), and all necessary verifications (6) for each member of your household. Verifications to submit, if applicable, include current marriage, divorce, adoption, death(s), military discharges, and social security benefits. Financial forms to submit, if applicable, include W-9, ACH direct deposit information, and verification of income, if not previously submitted. Your Foster Home Acquisition Specialist will send you a list of outstanding documents. 

Training Triumph: Submit a copy of your TN KEY Certificate, a testament to your commitment and preparedness.

Mutual Assessment Process (MAP) Meeting

Once you've completed TN KEY and conquered all your Roadwork, we'll schedule the Mutual Assessment Process (MAP) Meeting. It's your chance to explore DCS policies, training sites, and share your journey with us!

After dotting every 'i' and crossing every 't,' your Foster Home Acquisition Specialist will share your documents with the Tennessee Family & Child Tracking System (TFACTS) for review by the TN DCS Resource Eligibility Team (RET) Specialist. Once approved, get ready for a warm welcome to Envoi!

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Your Journey:
An Interactive Roadmap

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