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Ready to embark on a journey of learning and growth? Once your Foster Home Acquisition Specialist (FHAS) has received your completed Foster Parent Application and other documents from steps 1 and 2 of the interactive roadmap, you will get the green light to get started with TN-KEY certification classes. Don't worry, your FHAS will get you registered. Just like navigating a winding road, these classes will guide you through essential topics to prepare you for the rewarding path of foster parenting.

Please note, before diving into TN-KEY, you might need to complete an online orientation training, much like a pit stop before hitting the main road. Whether you opt for virtual classes or a blended format, rest assured, we'll be with you every mile of the way.

Remember, compliance is key during virtual sessions! Be sure to dress the part and keep those cameras rolling. Think of it as your moment to shine, just like a well-polished car on a sunny day.

TN-KEY Certification Classes: Paving the Way

Your Journey: Training and Documentation

Important Reminders

Attend TN-KEY classes with enthusiasm and complete all assignments diligently, just like taking a scenic drive and enjoying every view.

***Please note that applicants will ONLY be registered for these classes AFTER completing the Foster Parent Application, which can be accessed via the interactive roadmap, in Step 2: Getting Started***


Follow the virtual training guidelines provided by DCS to avoid detours or roadblocks.

Stay engaged during sessions and respond promptly to prompts from DCS/Representatives, ensuring a smooth ride for everyone involved.

Documentation Checklist

TN DCS Foster Parent Applicant Questionnaire (13-page packet)

  • One questionnaire needs to be completed per applicant, not per household. 

  • This questionnaire provides detailed information about your background, family structure, and individual reasons for wanting to become a foster parent.

TN DCS Monthly Income and Expenditures (CS-0431) - this form will be sent to you via email from your FHAS. If not yet received, please use the button below to initiate a request. Complete one per household. 

  • Provide detailed information about your household's monthly income and expenses.

  • This form helps assess your financial readiness to become a foster parent.

Income Verification Document(s): Provide documents such as W-2s, SSI statements, or prior year tax returns to verify against the Monthly Income & Expenditures form.

Authorization for Adventure: Fill out the TN DCS Authorization for Release of Information (CS-0559) for every person aged 18+, allowing us to embark on this journey together.

TN DCS Family Eco-Map

  • This map helps assess your family's support system and resources available to support a foster child.

  • Download and complete at least one copy per household. A copy of the completed Eco-Map(s) should be sent to your FHAS upon completion. 

Disaster Preparedness: Complete the TN DCS Resource Home Disaster Plan (CS-0871), one per household, exploring different addresses to ensure safety in any situation.

Practice Checklist: Review this Practice Home Safety Checklist to prepare your home for the official walkthrough.

Completing these documents and appointments is crucial for the home study process. Your Foster Home Acquisition Specialist (FHAS) will guide you through each step and provide further instructions as needed.

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Your Journey:
An Interactive Roadmap

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